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Release Of The Vetting Results Of Nine Officers Of The Ranks Of SACP And ACP Whose Results Had Been Withheld Pending Further Investigations

As part of the on-going vetting of police officers which commenced in December 2013, the Commission undertook the vetting of 166 Senior Assistant Commissioners of Police (SACPs) and Assistant Commissioners of Police in March 2014, bringing the total number of officers so far vetted to 196. Earlier, two cohorts comprising seven (7) Senior Deputy Commissioners of Police I & II and 23 Deputy Commissioners of Police had been vetted.


Sensitization Of SSPs And SPs Completed

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has completed the sensitization exercise for the Senior Superintendents and Superintendents of Police ahead of their vetting which is scheduled to start this month.


Speech By The Chairman Of The National Police Service Commission, Johston Kavuludi During The Sensitization Of Senior Superintendents Of Police And Superintendents Of Police From Nairobi Region On 3rd June, 2014 At The School Of Monetary Studies.

I am delighted to welcome you all to this sensitization forum which is the seventh program for SSPs and SPs to be undertaken by the Commission in less than two months. Since the commencement of the exercise towards the end of April this year, officers in Coast, Eastern, Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley and Central regions have been sensitized. After today, attention will shift to North Eastern region, thus bringing the sensitization to a close. It is expected that vetting of officers of the rank of SSP and SP will begin before mid June.

The vetting of SSPs and SPs will see the vetting process enter its fourth phase. Phase one began on 17th December 2013 with the vetting of seven (7) officers of the ranks of Senior Deputy Commissioners of Police I & II. This was followed by the vetting of 23 Deputy Commissioners of Police in January and 166 SACPs and ACPs in March 2014, bringing the total number of police officers so far vetted to 196. This number is set to rise to slightly over 2300 at the end of the fourth phase.

As earlier indicated, the vetting of this cohort comprising 1199 officers, will take place in the Counties so as not to disrupt security services. It is projected that this phase of vetting will be completed by mid August paving way for the vetting of the rest of the officers. The first to be vetted will be officers from Coast and Eastern Regions followed by Rift Valley.

As you are aware, SSPs and SPs are critical ranks as they are the linkage between top management in the police service and the lower ranks. In addition, these are the officers in charge of security in the Counties. As we vet you, using the criteria that you shall be taken through shortly, we shall be looking for officers who are equal to the task bestowed upon them; officers of integrity who can revolutionalize the way security services are offered.

The expectation of the Commission is that at the end of this exercise each one of you will view the vetting process as something desirable and positive which aims at improving the image of the police service as well as making police officers accountable for their actions. Vetting does not target the police alone. It started with the magistrates and there are plans to extend it to the entire public service.

In conclusion, I would like to assure officers that the process will be conducted in a fair, transparent manner, using standard criteria. I have no doubt that being officers who are well trained and having observed the law in all your operations, this vetting exercise is but a transition from the force to the new service. As such, you should have nothing to worry you.

With these remarks, I once again welcome you to this session and wish you fruitful interactions with the Commission.

Thank you.

Clarifying on the content and implication of the court ruling

The National Police Service Commission has noted with concern reports emanating from certain sections of the media on the ruling given by Justice George Odunga on 27th March 2013, which has been misreported as to give the impression that the County Police Commanders are in office illegally or that the court has nullified their posting to the respective counties.


National Police Service Commission - Advert Message

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) is a corporate body under article 246 of the Constitution of Kenya and enacted through an Act of Parliament No. 30 of 2011.

In exercise of its mandate as provided under section 7 (2) and (3) of the National Police Service Act 2011 ,the Commission intends to conduct vetting of all officers to assess their suitability and competence and to discontinue any officer who fails the vetting, in conformity with the section.


Press statement by the chairman of the NPSC

Press statement by the chairman of the national Police service commission, johnston kavuludi, on 27th February 2014, on the commencement of the vetting of Senior assistant commissioners of police and Assistant commissioners

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