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 NPSC Chairperson, Mr. Johnston Kavuludi Opens The Administration Police Service, Middle Management Course II


The Deputy Inspector General,
Senior Officers – National Police Service,
Director – Kenya School of Government,

Members of the Fourth Estate,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning,
I am greatly honored to preside over today’s opening of the Middle Management course you are undertaking which happens less than two weeks after the Commanders Conference, a clear pointer to the vibrancy of the Administration Police Service in ensuring that capacity gaps within the service leadership are sealed.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am informed that at least 1500 middle level officers will go through this training over the next three years.  I commend the Deputy Inspector General National Police Service, Administration Police for his foresight in planning the Human Capital Development.  This is a necessary strategic move that will ensure that the service leadership is up to task when dealing with emerging security challenge’s that require a focused and structured approach to overcome.

The National Police Service Commission, on its part, is committed to the reform agenda and training has been identified as one of the key drivers of this agenda.

The Commission therefore is currently working through different mechanism, to identify critical areas that require immediate intervention.
Of great significance is the need to ensure training programmes that ensure senior managers are well grounded in all aspects of management that will translate to achieving outstanding performance.

In this regard focus is on skills that will enable managers understand and undertake strategic planning, internalizing the practical application Performance Based management and Change Management. These are key ingredients in the transformative agenda for effective modern policing.

I am delighted to inform you that the new ranking structure for the service was Gazzetted on July 11th 2014 by the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and we are now finalizing on the appointment of suitable officers to the new ranks; notably Senior Assistant Inspector General, Assistant Inspector General and Commissioner of Police.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that even as officers in the service get trained, a clear career path is defined at the time of engagement.  To this end, the Commission in collaboration with the Service is in advanced stages in the development and implementation of a comprehensive and progressive  Scheme of Service for the National Police Service.

A proposal to align the salary structure and pay scale to match the new ranking structure is under review  to close the gap between Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) review and this will be followed immediately by a proposal to review the salaries and benefits of the officers.

The Commission is also contemplating a radical shift on housing policy to ensure that decent housing is accessible by members of the Service of all ranks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to briefly touch on a matter that continues to be at the centre of public discussion on the character and functioning of Police.  Due to historical factors, the image of the Service through perceived notions has remained that of corruption, impunity and disrespectful to human rights as enshrined in our constitution.

Dear participants, as Middle Level Managers, you are the line Supervisors and as such, the critical turn around function rests squarely on your shoulders.

You have a duty and responsibility to protect the image and integrity of the Service through actions that are clearly designed to reflect positively on the Service.

It is not enough for the Commission to carry out the vetting of all Police Officers to determine suitability and competence for retention in the Service.  This is a legal requirement.  It is more important to develop, nurture and sustain a culture that inspires respect and confidence by the public.

The public expects to be served by Police Officers who respect the public, work with honesty and without the slightest sign of involvement in corruption.

As pointed out earlier, corruption and impunity have seriously dented the image of the Police in Kenya.  Many years, the Administration Police was spared association with these vices.  You have remained close to the public, especially communities where you live and work.  You have come in handy in Community Mobilization Programmes on public works, good social order, health programmes, including eradication of the jigger menace in some communities among others.

I would like to request that in the course of your training you seriously examine the causes for notable deviation by some individual Administration Officers form the continued portray of their positive image.

You are the branch ambassadors of an efficient, professional and dignified police service and you must therefore service but for quickly coming up with relevant programmes that will not only address the gaps but ensure that moving forward the service will not lack people with requisite training, qualifications and experience for steer the service to the envisioned levels.

With these remarks, I now declare the administration police middle management course officially open.

Thank you.


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